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Black Robe Rifles is owned by Jordan Hall in Sidney, Montana. We are a low-volume firearms dealer specializing in used and new guns and also do FFL transfers for our friends and neighbors.

We do transfers (see below) for barter-price only.

We will special order firearms from our many wholesale outlets.

We will also sell you firearms from our inventory, by request and appointment only.

Our services…

We provide quality firearms and transfers for our neighbors and friends in Richland County or surrounding area. We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone.


We only do business in barter currency…

We will legally transfer the firearm you bought online (or send one for you) for the price of one box of ammunition* or one ounce of silver.** We do not take government currency for transfers.

Other barter items also considered; please inquire.

*Acceptable ammo is 50rd box of .22 or 20rd box of other common calibers
** You can buy 1oz silver coins here if you’ve never purchased silver before (it’s easy)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not know your gender on the NICS 4473 (background check) form, we will not sell you a firearm. Please know whether you are male or female by the time of transfer (consult your unaltered birth certificate).


To contact us, call (406) 201-9765, email or fill out the form below. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT IN PERSON WITHOUT ARRANGING AN APPOINTMENT.

Please note: This form is glitchy. If it does not work, email

Black Robe Rifles

Open Hours

By appointment only


1399 14th St SW
Sidney, MT 59270


FFL Info

Click here for PDF of FFL License